Digital Desire has the “scars, wounds, and markings,” to show you that they have been in the challenging world of pornography for more than a decade! They have fought against competition from other porn sites to carve out their own following of loyal fans over the years. They have survived because of the quality material, professional services, and ability to change and adapt according to the times.

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Another reason for their continuous progress is the talented Stephen Hicks producing material for the site behind the curtains. This dude has been all over the industry making smut action happen for various top-rate porn sites including PlayBoy. We give him mad props for keeping “Digital” flying high on creative quality stuff.

Now that you know the history, let us look at the current state-of-affairs inside this porn site. Which niche does this site cover? Well, it is more of a mixture of niches rather than one unique porn niche.


You will find some softcore stuff, some glamour porn, and some lesbian material inside Digital Desire. A lot of stuff is solo sex-scenes where naked “super-freaky” gals go wild on their own and finger, touch, or play with all their nice tight holes. The way they do it will send your temperature straight through the roof!

The site, like any other veteran of the porn game, has archives as far as the late 90s. You will happily notice that the site has always pursued stunning gals to come up with the 1060+ videos and 2779+ photosets that are currently on display.

You can watch the HD videos, be it full-length or in clip mode. Movie formats DIVX, MWV, MP4, FLV, and different bitrates are available. Each set of pictures has 65 pics and videos can play for 8 minutes.

Material from way back is not in HD mode but still watchable. On top of all this material, the site is all about giving members newer stuff to fantasize over. This means regular updates that stroke your imagination and ignite your passion and desire.

Recognizable porn stars to amateur sexy new faces all do their thing inside this site. Currently, the site has 900 (or more) ladies with different looks, body types, and sexual preferences. There is really no way you will not find a model who doesn’t fit your sexual needs to a tee.

Everyone loves a beautiful woman. If your love extends to watching these stunning babes naked and feeding their sexual desires using any means necessary, Digital Desire is the place to go!

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