Here’s a very interesting and novel concept when it comes to adult entertainment websites. Mr Skin is collecting nude or half-nude scenes from non-porn (PG or rated-R) movies and then posts them on this website.

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Sounds like something that many of us thought of doing at some point or other, but never got to it. Well, Mr Skin has been doing this for years now, so you don’t have to.

Mr Skin isn’t a site where you’ll find porn stars like Sasha Grey or Asa Akira, but if you want to check out some Angelina Jolie nude scenes, than you’re in the right place. With almost 50,000 clips more than 170,000 sets of videos and content new content being added every day (or whenever there is some good old nudity in movies), Mr Skin website always has something that you can check out and it never looks dull.


The first time you come here, you might feel a little confused with all the sections, but once you get a hang of it, it is a really amazing site and very user-friendly. You got your updates area, videos and even blogs. Most of the time, you’ll use the top-page bar which holds the individual stars and their erotic scenes, but there is also a very convenient playlist area where you can select your preferred criteria and watch different collections.

Since most new movies come in HD as it is, most of the content is in very good quality. Clips can be downloaded using MP4 or Windows Media files, or you can stream them through Flash and watch them on the spot.

The site also has a handy advanced search engine, so finding your favorite star in some raunchy scene is quite easy. And, if you like a specific characteristic, like, say, red haired, big-breasted actresses, you can use search the actress category and find the “perfect” match (or you might just type “Christina Hendricks” in this case).

Calling Mr Skin a porn site doesn’t quite catch its essence as it is much more. Many of these scenes are not only nudity, but a great display of acting and you can also find a brief synopsis of the movie and the actress’ bio, so you might decide to watch some of the movies you saw here in full.

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